How To Build a Full Size Loft Bed Step By Step in 2023

How To Build a Full Size Loft Bed

Are you searching for How To Build a Full Size Loft Bed? Great! you have visited the perfect website on the internet.

In this article, we are going to share with you a step-by-step guide to building a beautiful full-size loft bed.

Do you have no DIY skills? don’t worry, after following this guide you will be able to create a full-size loft bed with less effort.

How To Build a Full Size Loft Bed

We have more than 10 years of experience in the furniture industry. in this project, we will try to discuss everything and cover all the important things from scratch, materials, tools, planning and preparation, construction, installation, etc.

Important Materials and Tools

For this task, you will need some important materials and tools such as lumber, screws, bolts, drill, saw, sandpaper, measuring tape, level, paint or stain, etc. so if you have no these materials then you can check out them now:


One of the main important materials is lumbar to build a full-size loft bed. before being the lumber, make sure it is strong and durable to hold your weight.

12x4s7 FeetThis will be used to create bed frames and beams.
22x6s4 FeetThis is for the salt to hold the mattress.
32x8s7.25 FeetThis lumber is for a ladder and additional support.
41x4s3.5 FeetIt will be used for creating a hardboard or footboard.


Screws are also very important and you will not be able to build a full-size loft bed without screws. it helps to connect the lumber together. so that is why you will need strong screws which are made from high-quality materials.

Here are some common screw types that are used to build loft beds:

  • Wood screws
  • Lag screws
  • Sheet metal screws

We recommend you use metal screws. however, you can select it as your choice.

You will need 3 inches screws to attach the bed frame and ladder, 2 inches screws for attaching the slats, and take some extra screws.


In this project, you will need at least 20 bolts. the bolts must be at least 4 inches long with a 1/4 inch or 5/16 inch diameter. by the way, the number of bolts depends on your design.

Also, you will need tape to measure wood or lumber, a drill, and paint to make a perfect full-size loft bed.

Choose your designed

Before cutting the lumber, you have to select the design for your loft bed. but if you have a pre-plane design then you can skip this part. if you are not getting design ideas then here are some tips to select the design:

  • Determine your needs: first think about who will use this bed, you or your kids. if you are gonna make this for kids then you can select a princess loft bed. or if you need some extra storage, an underneath area, or a desk for study or gaming then a traditional full-size loft bed will be perfect for you.
  • Measure your space: measuring your bedroom can also give you a good idea. measure the height, width, and length of your room. after calculating them ensure which design will fit well.
  • Choose the look: everybody wants to make their bedroom more beautiful and stylish.so, if you are from one of them you can also select some stylish design. the designs are rustic loft beds, bohemian-style loft beds, minimalist loft beds, storage loft beds, etc.

Also, you can consider safety, inspiration, building codes, etc for choosing your design.

Cut the Lumber

cut the lumber to build a full size loft bed

If you have collected all the important tools and materials then now you are ready to cut wood. now you have to cut the lumber into several pieces for the bed frame, beams, ladder, and safety rails.

Let’s cut out all the needed pieces with a circular saw or jigsaw. cutting the lumber will depend on your design. so if you have not chosen the design then you can follow the table which is given below:

Legs2 x 6″ and 2 x 4″ lumber with 70″ long
Inner Slat RailTwo 2 x 2″ lumber with 54″ and 72″ long
Lower Frame2 x 6″ lumber with 79″ long
Ladder2 x 4″ lumber with 60″ long
Slats1 x 6″ lumber with 54″ long
Top RailTwo 2 x 6″ lumber with 79″ and 54″ long
Spacer Blocks2 x 4″ lumber with 6″ long

It’s better to cut the wood or lumber according to your design or plane.

Build the Ladder

Now you have to build a sturdy ladder for climbing to the top of the bed. a ladder is a very important part of a full-size loft bed. so make the ladder using two pieces of 2×4 lumber. make sure the ladder is 1.5 times the height of the loft bed.

Assemble the bed frame

Assemble the bed frame

Once you have completed the cutting process now you can start to assemble the bed frame. here are some steps to assemble pieces with the bed frame:

  • Lay out all pieces: Now lay out all the lumber pieces one by one according to your design.
  • Connect the side rails: Next, connect the side rails to the headboard and footboard.
  • Install support beams: You can install the support beams using screws and pilot holes in the side rails.
  • Attach slats: In the last step, attach the salts with the support beams.

If you are not getting an idea to assemble, first attach the two 2×6″ lumber pieces to each 4×4″ leg piece. then create a rectangle by attaching another two 2×6″ lumber to the legs.

FAQs on How To Build a Full Size Loft Bed

  1. What materials I will need to build a full-size loft bed?

    To build a full-size loft bed you will need high-quality lumber, 2 and 3-inch screws, a circular saw or jigsaw, a drill, bolts, sandpaper, wood glow, measuring tape, level, paint or stain, etc.

  2. Will I need furniture or DIY skills?

    Yea, you will need some level of DIY skills. you may need the knowledge of measuring, cutting, joining wood pieces together, and the uses of other tools and materials.

  3. How much money I will need to build a complete full-size loft bed?

    The cost of building a full-size loft bed will depend on your design and use of tools and materials. Here are some estimated costs:
    Lumber: $100 – $200
    Screws and other hardware: $50 – $100
    Paint or stain: $20 – $50
    Mattress: $150 – $500
    Bedding: $50 – $100

  4. How much time you will need to build a full-size loft bed?

    It will completely depend on your knowledge, experience, and DIY skills. it can take a few hours to a few days for completing the project.

If you have more questions regarding this, you can check our FAQ page.


In this article, we have discussed the full process of how to build a full size loft bed step by step. by following our guide you can easily build your loft bed. never forgot to take accurate measurements, use tools carefully, and assemble the bed frame safely.

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